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The Wedding Shoe

Yo ! 

Wedding shoes are perhaps one of the most important elements of the wedding outfit.

Personally, I am not a shoe person. I have no preference in shoes, especially if it's working shoes the cheaper the better !  LOL but now the headache starts for me. What heels am I going to wear for my gowns ??

First there are a few things to consider:

  1. Budget
  2. comfort
  3. Wearability ( can it be worn even after your wedding? )
  4. statement or tradional.


a very important issue and most probably the number 1 priority for most BTB. Since I'm not a shoe person. Spending 200 SGD is pretty hefty for me. Especially if it's something you would not often wear.


Walking the whole day with the heels ?? I'm usually in flats, if there is a choice for me, I would wear flats because these are definitely the best walking around. So the height will be one of the issues. How high should I wear? My husband to be is not very tall for me to wear 6 inch. In addition, who am I kidding ? of course I will not be able walk in 6 inch heels. My ideal height for comfort is 3-4 inch.


Bling shoes are most probably any typical heels anyone can find for a wedding. But will you wear after the wedding? Is it wise to spend a few hundred and only wear it once in your life time? Not feasible.

Statement or Traditional

With the colors involved for the Kua, Wedding dress and evening dress? Which color should you choose ? Typical White ? or whatever color you love ? Sticking to white is the safest to go with your white wedding gown. White heels are easily dirtied. I rather stick to color heels as a statement piece. Since the dress be long. Why not ? No one can see the mismatch anyway.

The Wedding is eight months away... and GSS is here! GSS is a great opportunity to spend at slashed prices. Researched a couple of bridal shoe shops available in Singapore.


  • Sinderella- Clark quay
  • Tangs- orchard
  • leaping lizard - anson road
  • Robinson
  • Takashimaya
  • Anna Nucci
  • Kandee
  • Pedro
  • Pazzion
  • Nine West
  • Trois

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